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Garlic scape season is here! Wondering what to do with them? Make garlic scape powder.

Updated: Feb 3

A bowl of garlic scape powder on top of garlic scapes

First of all, you can powder pretty much anything. Think about that one for a second...

Pickle powder, sauerkraut powder (for popcorn?!) flower petal powder, mushroom powder, tomato powder... if you wanted to powder it you probably could! But I digress.

The first time I made dehydrated garlic scape powder it was mostly because I had so many scapes (I had already made pesto) and I didn't know what to do with them all.

The beauty of making powder is that you can turn your huge mess of scapes into a little jar of powder, and you get to enjoy that delicious and unique flavor all year long.

How to make homemade garlic scape power:

1. Put garlic scapes in dehydrator. I usually slice the big end in half to increase the surface area and speed the drying process. Overnight + is a good place to start.

2. When scapes seem dry, put them blender/food processor to make powder. At this stage, as you expose more surface area, they will likely still be moist and there will likely be some clumps and chunks. Continue to dehydrate this clumpy powder for a few more hours and then process again. If the product still seems at all moist and clumpy, back into the dehydrator.

Equipment for making powders - There are plastic or silicon mats made specifically for dehydrators or you can use parchment paper. You'll need something solid to dehydrate powder.

3. When the powder is completely dry, then you can put it into a jar for storage. If you like, you can use a sieve to separate bigger bits from the fine powder.

Dried garlic scape powder in a sieve

4. If you sieve (not necessary) you will end up with two slightly different products; small pieces as well as finer powder.

Gorgeous Green Garlic Scape Powder is so good on so many things!

- I usually add the bigger pieces into soups, stews, etc.

- Garlic scape powder plus nutritional yeast on popcorn

- Mix into mashed potatoes

- Garlic scape aioli

- Sprinkle on roasted potatoes

- Greek yoghurt+sour cream+mayo+garlic scape powder = delicious DIP

- Try adding your garlic scape powder to sauces, soups, stews, etc 💚

garlic scapes

It’s awesome! Try it for yourself! Happy dehydrating!

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