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What's on the menu?

I love fresh vegetables and so does your body! Expect your homemade meals to be made always with an abundance of fresh, vibrant, colourful, delicious, real whole food. I'm always happy to include or exclude any ingredients for dietary need or personal preference.

Come home to fruit and vegetable trays, dips and spreads, salads and salad dressings, soups, stews, sauces, curries, legumes dishes, casseroles, vegetable and bone broths, fermented foods, preserved foods, grab-and-go breakfasts, packed lunches, healthy snacks and more...



  • A 'salad' could be: green salad, bean salad, pasta salad, grain salad (quinoa, wheat berries, amaranth etc) fruit salad, coleslaw or even a prepped fridge ‘salad bar'​

  • Salads could include combinations of ANY: white/red cabbages, kales, lettuces, swiss chard, sprouts, cucumber, dikon, kohlrabi, tomato, zucchini, beets, carrots, red onion, green onion, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, cilantro, fresh herbs, peppers, artichoke, sun-dried tomato, mushrooms, olives, etc

Salad dressings

  • Homemade salad dressings can be a great source of healthy fats, probiotics and micronutrients... when they are homemade with good ingredients!

  • Try homemade dressings like: ranch, honey herb shallot, fig balsamic, orange miso, ginger sesame, tahini dressing, etc

​Dips and spreads

  • Dips can be made with all kind of beans, legumes and vegetables and when they are homemade they can actually be... good for you?

  • Love hummus? Try a new variety like roasted yam, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, pesto, beet and more!

  • More homemade dip and spread options include: roasted veggie dip, roasted red pepper dip, olive tapenade, tzatziki, flavored aiolis, guacamole, fresh salsas, pico de gallo, ketchup, basil pesto, sundried tomato pesto


Baked goods and snacks (fresh or frozen)

  • Granola, muffins and loaves, energy bites, dehydrated fruit snacks, popcorn, veggie chips

Breakfast prep

  • Superfood cereals, overnight oats, fruit salad, parfaits, frittatas and egg bites (fresh or frozen), pre-made smoothie prep, etc



  • ​Nothing tastes better than homemade soup. I always make mine with homemade broths and stocks and in my opinion there is nothing better to have in the freezer than portions of healthy homemade soup

  • Pureed soup options include: tomato and herb, butternut squash, pumpkin, coconut carrot ginger, cream of mushroom, roasted red pepper, pumpkin

  • Chunky soup options include: thai curry, chicken noodle or rice, hearty vegetable, split pea and ham, potato sausage, and more

  • If you like to have your own frozen broth available for cooking, I can also make vegetable and bone broths for you



  • If you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover, no problem! Any recipes can be modified to accommodate 

  • Meat stew (beef, lamb, chicken), meat chili, veggie chili, white chili (chili with mushroom, chicken, white beans), chowders (white or red), cassoulets (meat and bean stew)



  • Pasta sauces (vegetarian, sausage, beef, clams, mushroom, herb, roasted garlic etc), gravy, red curry sauce, green curry sauce, etc

Oven ready

  • Lasagna (red or white), bean casserole, shepherds pie, pasta casserole, frozen "microwave dinners," macaroni and cheese, etc

More freezable goodies

  • Beef burgers, salmon burgers, veggie burgers, falafels, etc

There are infinite options to fill your fridge and freezer and the fresh ingredients I use to make them will change with the seasons.

These are only a fraction of the possibilities!

nutritionist with basket and bag of groceries

"I come to your home, I cook with your food and I stock your fridge and freezer with exactly what you want."

nutritionist making salads
Nutritionist prepping meals
soup in pyrex containers
Child selecting from a vegetable platter
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