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Creamy cashew miso dip is a gf, df, vegan crowdpleaser! Other humans also seem to enjoy...

Updated: Feb 3

Serving cashew dip and vegetables

If you’ve been wishing for a new df, gf, vegan, delicious, nutritious DIP that tastes good on literally EVERYTHING then look no further!

Yes, this creamy cashew dip works for a classic veggies and dip tray (my favorite!) but it also tastes amazing with fresh spring rolls or when paired with more savory items like roasted veggies, fried tofu, meat, fish, over rice, etc…

Not only is it delicious, this dip also packs a nutritional punch. We get essential fatty acids from the cashews, sesame seeds and oil and probiotic benefits from miso paste which is arguably one of the most SUPER foods on the planet. Ginger and garlic have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and even the maple syrup has phytonutrients and naturally occurring anti-oxidant compounds.

In my experience if you make this for your friends, they will DEMAND you share the recipe.

Your kids will eat this and your picky partner will hopefully love this healthy dip just as must as your gf df vegan bestie loves it!

No guilt, all reward. Dip away my friends! Here is the recipe by popular demand:

Creamy Cashew Miso Dip

· 1 cup cashews, then soak (they will expand considerably after soaking)

· 1/3 cup sesame seeds (pre-soaked is best, tahini also works)

· 1/3 cup miso

· 1/4 cup water (or enough to achieve desired consistency)

· 1/4 cup preferred oil (olive, hemp, avocado, sesame, 3-6-9 blend or try using a combination)

· 2 tbs maple syrup (honey also works)

· Ginger (thumb)

ingredients needed to make cashew dip

· Garlic (1-3 cloves depending on size and preference)

Blend ingredients all together until smooth and then put that s*** on everything.


- Ideally cashews and sesame seeds should be presoaked. Soaking enhances nutrient availability and absorption AND makes the texture of your dip amazingly creamy.

To soak: leave in a bowl of water for a few hours > overnight, then rinse and drain water.

- Miso can be confusing and intimidating. There are different names, different colors, different ingredients. ALL will work, but to make the flavor the most accessible to everyone, I recommend starting with Shiro miso (the lightest and sweetest) although I personally often rotate between different varieties. The variety of miso I used in the dip pictured is Genmai miso which is more pungent than Shiro, and is made with brown rice instead of white.

- FYI, anything that works with peanut sauce will be amazing with this dip. Want peanut sauce? Sub those cashews for peanuts (or almonds!)

Bowl of cashew dip with cucumbers

- A drizzle of toasted sesame oil or using toasted sesame seeds is highly recommended




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