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Home Made Meals

Personalized, fresh and frozen meal preparation service

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Is choosing a healthy whole food diet important to you? Me too.

What if you could come home 
to delicious and nutritious
home made meals?

What if all your meal prep was

ready and waiting for you?

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  • Meals for one

  • Family style

  • Frozen meals

  • Packed lunches

  • Healthy snacks

  • Baby food

  • Preserved food

  • Fermented food 

  • Meal plan prep

  • Home chef prep 

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Why homemade?

Homemade meals are made with love in your own kitchen using as many local, seasonal, and organically grown ingredients as possible. Consuming a nutrient dense whole food diet that is minimally processed and free of food additives, chemicals and preservatives will have countless positive impacts on your long-term health. Because I use fresh whole foods to make your meals you can ensure you always get the best quality for you and your family. 

What's on the menu?

There are infinite options to fill your fridge and freezer and the fresh ingredients I use to make them will change with the seasons. Fruit and vegetable trays, dips and spreads, salads and salad dressings, soups, stews, sauces, curries, legume dishes, casseroles, vegetable and bone broths, fermented foods, preserved foods, grab-and-go breakfasts, packed lunches, healthy snacks and more.

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How does it work?

​The menu and groceries are pre-arranged together. I come to your home. I cook with fresh whole food and I stock your fridge and freezer with homemade meals - exactly what you ordered.​

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How much will it cost?

My hourly rate is $60 / hour for food preparation services and you are responsible for your own food cost. Overall cost will depend on your dietary preferences.

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