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nutritionist holding a pineaplle and watermelon

Nutrition Education

Corporate Programs

  • Event Speaker
    Inspire and motivate your team to eat better, feel better and work better.​

  • Lunch and Learns
    Weekly, biweekly or monthly “quick and digestible" presentations focusing on wellness strategies, applied food skills and how-to develop and maintain healthy habits.

  • Team-Building Workshops
    Interactive classes highlighting nutrient dense recipes and food preparation skills.

  • Group Wellness Challenges
    Inspire and challenge your group to eat their best so they can feel their best together.

  • On-call personalized nutrition consulting
    Support for individual team-members to address their unique challenges


Private Classes

Unique, entertaining, interactive classes held in the comfort of your own home with Renée, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. You pick the date, time and topic.


  • Seasonal cooking lessons and demonstrations

  • Fermentation lessons

  • Holistic home and body care


Call or email to request an outline for workshops and presentations I can recommend. 

Live and virtual options available.

Anti-inflamatory eating

Salmon and vegetable platters

The foods we eat on a regular basis can either contribute to or fight against inflammation. 


Many chronic diseases are influenced by chronic inflammation in the body.


Learn how you can reduce inflammation through diet and lifestyle.

Holistic (functional) cocktails

Wine glasses filled with Kombucha and fresh pressed juices

The quality of what we eat, and drink has a huge impact on our health. When we use real botanical ingredients that contain vitamins and minerals we can make delicious and nutritionally functional beverages that are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Imbibe to thrive!

Fermentation and the microbiome

Nutritionist serving Kimchi from a jar

The health of your microbiome is inextricably tied to your overall health. Your immune system, nervous system, digestive system, cannot function without the help of synergistic microorganisms. Learn about the history of fermented foods, learn what harms the microbiome, what helps the microbiome, and all about how you can eat to support yours.

Meal Prep


Pyrex containers filled with prepared meals

Meal prep looks different for everyone because we all have different wants and needs when it comes to the food we eat. What is common to everyone is that it’s better to be proactive than reactive at mealtime. It’s better to prepare yourself for success because ‘failure to plan, is planning to fail.’ Learn how to make a good weekly meal plan, as well as tips, tricks and strategies for success.

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