Health and Happiness are Homegrown

"As a coach, I work to educate, motivate and inspire my clients to eat better so that they can feel their best. By helping clients develop their own nutrition knowledge, practical food skills, healthy habits, and confidence in the kitchen I empower them to make good choices that will serve their best interests for life." 

Renée Robbins, B.A., Registered Holistic Nutritionist 

Instructor, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

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Every body is different.
There is no perfect diet. 

Want personalized support?

Get a meal plan that is truly designed for you.

Update your nutrition knowledge with relevant information that specifically relates to you.

Improve your daily nutrition and change your life for the better!

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Is your weekly kombucha, kimchi or sauerkraut budget getting out of control?

Want to learn how to DIY at home for a fraction of the price?

Host or attend a DIY class. I'll bring what's needed to get you set up.

Have fun, learn a new skill and get inspired to improve your health!

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Imagine coming home to a fridge full of freshly prepped food...

...or your freezer full of delicious and nutritious home made meals?

I do that.

This is a totally personalized
meal preparation service. Your kitchen, your meal plan. 
I got this.