Nutrition Consulting

$200 package includes:

Initial 2 hour personalized nutrition education session includes information sheet and resources like:

  • 5 day menu plan with shopping list

  • cooking tips

  • recipes

  • lifestyle strategies

  • May be done in person, or Skype

2 x 30 minutes follow up sessions

  • May be done in person, Skype or by telephone

Wondering what to expect?
First, I need to get to know you.

Before our consultation, I'll ask questions about your current health status, especially diet and lifestyle habits. I'll ask about allergies, symptoms, medical history, stress level, wellness goals, etc.

During our 2 hour consultation, we'll evaluate your current health status and discuss specific diet and lifestyle recommendations. I'll provide you with a personalized menu plan and shopping list and recipes, tips and strategies you may need to execute it.

Beyond this basic framework, our 2 hour consultation will be as unique as you are. This is a nutrition education session and depending on what is most relevant to you we may discuss any number of topics including but not limited to:

  • Eating to support what YOU need most. Things like: digestive health, mental health, immune system support, balancing blood sugar, detoxification, weight-loss, anti-inflammatory diets, healthy/ proactive aging, childhood development etc)

  • Addressing allergies and sensitivities, elimination diets

  • Strategies for improving digestion (pro-biotics/pre-biotics/fermented foods and how to DIY)

  • Strategies for including nutrient dense superfoods into your diet

  • Weekly menu planning and meal prep strategies

  • Kitchen basics, cooking with whole foods

  • Food label lessons and grocery store tips

  • Personal and household product detox

  • Daily exercise/movement program

  • Self-care, meditation and stress reduction

  • Potential need for nutritional supplementation

What happens during our follow up session?

We check in, discuss your progress, and address your questions. We might update your 5 day menu with new seasonal recipes and tips and adjust your plan. Ideally both follow-up sessions will be completed within 6 months of our initial consultation and may be done in person, Skype or by telephone.

"...our 2 hour consultation will
be as unique as
you are!"

Are you struggling with:

  • digestive health

  • mental health

  • blood sugar

  • weight

  • inflammation

  • allergies/eczema

  • fatigue

Improving your diet could help resolve all

these issues and more simultaneously. The positive effects of a healthy and nutritious diet are countless!

 A wise man once said it best.

"Let food be thy medicine." 

A nutrition consultation with me can help get you on the right track.

Renée Robbins, B.A., Registered Holistic Nutritionist 
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