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Do It Yourself classes

Learn a new skill that can improve your health!

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Want to do something fun and different with your friends?
Host or attend a DIY class!

I know, sometimes attending a workshop can feel like, well, work.

What if the workshop came to you?

You supply the kitchen, I'll bring the rest.

  • Invite your favourite people. 

  • Wear comfy clothes. 

  • Don't stress about finding a babysitter. 

  • Enjoy drinks and snacks (your house, your rules).

  • DIY and chill!

Don't have a space to host? Get in touch! We can make it work.


2 people/$90 per person

3+ people/$80 per person

​6+ people, host is free



Class time averages 2 hours. I am located in Mill Bay and happy to travel, however a $25 travel fee may be applied for driving times in excess of 30 minutes, (one way) may be waived for larger class sizes.

Learn to make kimchi
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Every student receives 1L of freshly made kimchi to ferment at home.

Learn to make kombucha
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Every student gets set up 
with everything they need 

for their own 2L kombucha 

Learn to make sauerkraut
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Every student gets a 1L of freshly made sauerkraut to ferment at home.

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