Do It Yourself classes

Learn a new skill that can improve your health!

Want to do something fun and different with your friends?
Host or attend a DIY class!

I know, sometimes attending a workshop can feel like, well, work.

What if the workshop came to you?

You supply the kitchen, I'll bring the rest.

  • Invite your favourite people. 

  • Wear comfy clothes. 

  • Don't stress about finding a babysitter. 

  • Enjoy drinks and snacks (your house, your rules).

  • DIY and chill!

Don't have a space to host? Get in touch! We can make it work.


2 people/$90 per person

3+ people/$80 per person

​6+ people, host is free



Class time averages 2 hours. I am located in Mill Bay and happy to travel, however a $25 travel fee may be applied for driving times in excess of 30 minutes, (one way) may be waived for larger class sizes.

Learn to make kimchi

Every student receives 1L of freshly made kimchi to ferment at home.

Learn to make kombucha

Every student gets set up 
with everything they need 

for their own 2L kombucha 

Learn to make sauerkraut

Every student gets a 1L of freshly made sauerkraut to ferment at home.